Stick around for a FREE Campground Concert with
Holey Miss Moley
Saturday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Cabin Camp Ground Common Area

Holey Miss Moley is a nine piece Funk-Flavored Rock-Soul Infused Groove Factory based out of Everywhere, Florida (St.Petersburg to Orlando). Their high-energy sound is reminiscent of old school 70’s funk melded with elements of Disco, Jazz, Soul and Hip-hop creating a superb fusion that delights and energizes the crowd getting people up and dancing all night!

The musicians in Holey Miss Moley have collaborated together for years and it shows through their tight-knit sound and well orchestrated music. Even better, they enjoy playing together and it creates an atmosphere of funky fun for everyone.

Drum Circle with Julius Mendoza to follow at 9:00 pm

Hoopers, dancers, and flow artists are welcome!